Hygiene and Preventive Care

Dental Cleaning and Dental examinations

Scaling is a process of removing plaque, tartar (calculus) and bacteria from your teeth so your gums and bone that make up the foundation of your teeth remain healthy and disease free.
Polishing removes stains from your teeth.
Visit our dental clinic for your regular scaling/cleaning and our professionally qualified and experienced dental hygienists will make sure you are taken care of.

Digital radiographs/

Radiographs help us detect cavities in between teeth and assess bone levels. They are also used to detect other problems of the oral cavity. Your dental surgeon will decide what type of images you need and how often you need them based on your oral health.
It has been researched and found that radiation received from digital x-ray machines is less than the radiation you receive from natural background sources. At our practice, we make sure we follow the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) policy.

Oral Cancer Screening

At each visit we make our best efforts to screen your oral tissues for signs of oral cancer. The goal is to identify mouth cancer in the early stages or even before they turn into cancer, when there is a better chance for a cure.

Fluoride Treatment

After your dental cleaning you will be provided with an option to receive fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps strengthen the enamel (outer layer of your teeth) and prevent cavities.


Dental sealants are protective coatings that are applied on deep grooves of back teeth to prevent cavity formation in the future. Sealant application is a quick and easy and a painless procedure.

Teeth whitening

Teeth are not meant to be naturally white; they range from light
greyish to yellow shades. Some people may experience darkening of teeth due to
various reasons, mainly stains due to food, drinks, tobacco. Teeth whitening or
Hygiene and Preventive Care: bleaching sometimes help brighten teeth. The effects are not permanent, and you may want to seek periodic treatments. 

If you are interested in teeth whitening please talk to your hygienist and your dental
surgeon to check if you are eligible for the procedure.